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   ::ABouT Me ::

I began painting ceramics when I was 20
and to put it simply...
I just fell in love with it...
the feel of a finished piece, the joy of opening a fired kiln
and the excitement of not knowing exactly
how a piece will turn out is an amazing experience.

For over 20 years, I sold my hand painted ceramic wares
through retail stores such as Hallmark, national home party companies,
local craft shows, my website and even QVC.

  Although I am still fascinated with the art
of taking mud and turning it into a totally unique piece,
about 8 years ago, I decided to turn my focus to my line of hand painted curtains
and no longer offered my pottery for sale.

I am now adding my new fabric website to my endeavors and eagerly look forward to sharing
my love of sewing and primitive country decor.

I am blessed to be able to get a glimpse of how God must feel
when he looks at us...his creations.
I am nothing but a creature that he made from dust...
but with his Spirit alive in me...
I am transformed into a beautiful light to shine for him.

But we hold this treasure in earthenware vessels,
that the surpassing power
may be of God and not from us.

2 Corinthians 4:7

I want people who either purchase my finished wares or receive them as gifts
to know who is responsible for the joy I hope each item brings.

I sign each of my creations and date them...but the first thing I paint before signing
my name is a small cross so that people will know
that a Christian created it.
It is my way of bringing honor to my Savior
for the blessing of my talent.

To try and list all of the blessings that my loving God
has bestowed upon my family and myself would be impossible
 so I'll just elaborate on the ones that I hold most precious.

:: His most awesome blessing ::
He sent his only Son...Jesus Christ to suffer and die on a cross for us
so that we may enjoy eternal life with him in Heaven.
I am so privileged to be able to receive him in Holy Communion
until I meet him in eternity.

:: My Family ::

My husband and I will celebrate our 35th anniversary next February.
I thank God for providing me
with such a faithful, loving and supportive partner.

He has blessed us with 3 amazing children. 
They have grown up to be wonderful people
who are a constant source of inspiration for me!

I LOVE that they are so appreciative to have grown up in our home!
(Next spring we will welcome our first very excited!!!)

The talents God blessed me with, allowed me
to be a work at home mom...
to be there when they left for school
and when they arrived home again.
A lot of times I would be helping them with their homework...
a paint brush in one hand and a dictionary in the other...
with a batch of homemade cookies in the oven
...and it was Great!!!

In 2007, I wanted to add more variety to my offerings I started selling my hand painted curtains through  my website
Country Bits and Blessings.

A special thanks to my mom. 
She allowed me to begin using her "good" sewing machine
when I was only 10 years old
...that was over 40 years ago!!!

I had always sewn for my family and for school activities for my children,
such as dance and drama productions...but never as a business. 

I am so very blessed that my line of curtains has been so well received &
I am very excited to share my love of crafting with fabric with all of you.

I pray that you are blessed today and always!


:: God is good all the time ::
:: All the time, God is good :: 

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My favorite and easiest
"Fat Quarter" project is a napkin...with just enough fabric left over to make a nice presentation with any place setting.

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